Chinese Slimming Tea


Anything related to weight loss excites me and I guess the same is the case with others around. One of the most searched generic topics is fat loss. In this article I am going to shed some light on a very interesting drink which along with regular exercise and a balanced diet will help you achieve mind-blowing results in a short span of time. 

This magic potion is called Chinese Slimming Tea. Whether you know about it, but never tried it or never heard about it at all, I have got you sorted. This article will answer all your unanswered questions related to Chinese slimming tea.


Chinese people have been drinking tea for more than 4000 years. Legend has it that Yan Emperor Shennong, one of the three rulers in the ancient times, tasted all kinds of herbs to find medical cures. One day as he was being poisoned by some herb he had ingested, a drop of water from a tea tree dripped into his mouth and he was saved. This was how tea was discovered.

The Chinese drink a wide range of teas packed with herbs which offer a plethora of medical benefits. Some of these teas are green tea, black tea, slimming tea, oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea and dark tea.

However, our focus here is on the Chinese Slimming Tea.


Chinese slimming tea is made from ingredients such as: 

  • Cassia Acutifolia Delile (senna leaf), 
  • Folium Sennae, 
  • Tinnevelly Senna, 
  • Cassia Angustifolia Vahl.



  • Chinese slimming tea boosts metabolism and thoroughly regulates the bowel movements.
  • It is a 100% pure and natural herbal tea that helps in burning body fats, increases energy and supports weight loss.
  • The concept of the Chinese slimming tea revolves around the Chinese herbal science for weight loss and is shown to curb appetite and fasten the fat-breaking process.
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea help improve skin which commonly affects people with high body fat.
  • This tea contains amino acids and antioxidants that help to combat free radicals and protects your cells and molecules from damage. This facilitates healing and delays the signs of aging.


  1.  Pour a cup of hot water over one tea bag into a cup and let it steep for two minutes. Do not over steep.
  2. Remove the teabag from hot water.
  3. Honey may be added to sweeten.
  4. Drink one cup after your evening meal.


  1. Do not have more than one cup of Chinese slimming tea in a 24 hour span.
  2. For occasional use only.
  3. Do not drink for more than ten continuous days unless directed by a doctor. However, you can use it for a span of 4-5 days and then keep a 5 day gap and use it again for another 4-5 days and continue the process similarly. 
  4.  This tea is only to be consumed by adults and it is not fit for children.
  5. Due to its cleansing qualities, some users may experience extra bowel movements.


  • You have multiple alternatives when it comes to buying Chinese slimming tea. 
  • Chinese slimming tea is easily available in various supermarkets, drug stores and online stores. 
  • Moreover, a huge range of these teas are available on Amazon in multiple flavors. 

5 Best Chinese Slimming Tea on Amazon

Below are some of the highly recommended Chinese slimming teas available on Amazon.

Price: 18$ (3 packs of 20 teabags)
  • Has no caffeine.
  • 100% natural.
  • This tea is made from special oriental herbs.
Price: $7.71 (30 teabags)
  1. This tea is blended with premium quality herbs.
  2. 100% natural.

Price: $11.63
  1. This pack comes with two varieties – Triple Leaf Chinese Detox tea {20 bags) and Triple Leaf Super Slimming Tea (20 bags).
  2. 100% natural.
  3. Caffeine free.

Price: $15 (30 teabags)
  1. Slimming herb from the German Herb (Thai) Co is the most popular slimming tea in Thailand and Asia.
  2. This tea contains only natural ingredients.
  3. Fine for men and women alike.
  4. Good for weight loss as it prevents accumulation of fats and accelerates internal cleansing of the body.

Price: $20 (100 teabags)
  1. It is a tea with smooth taste and a distinctive flavor
  2. Sipped throughout the day, this tea quenches, soothes, satisfies and delivers healthy antioxidants.
  3. The wonderful aroma it spreads from the time it is steeping makes it far better from others.
  4. This tea can be consumed hot and cold.
  5. This tea also helps in gaining radiant skin and youthful energy.
  6. This tea is scientifically proven to melt body fat and reverse aging.


Drink 1 serving 15 minutes before breakfast and 1 serving 15 minutes before lunch to experience best results.

Please Note:

  • Follow the directions given on the box of each product as the do’s and don’ts might vary from brand to brand. 
  • Many of these slimming teas can be consumed everyday and if the product description says so you can consume it daily. 
  • However, if nothing in this regard is mentioned in the description of the item then avail the necessary information first and then decide on its consumption.

Like any other slimming or detox drink, the Chinese Slimming Tea cannot work single-handedly to achieve the best results for weight loss. Please ensure that you couple the intake of this drink with a healthy lifestyle. You should also lay emphasis on regular workouts, nutritional food intake and healthy choices and only then you can shed those extra kilograms.